Random Gamertag Generator for XBOX 360


A gamertag is normally your gamer id or username on Xbox Live account. its a unique name assigned for you so that other gamers in your network can identify you easily. With gamertag others can make connection with you, can view your statistics, Can message you etc. 

This Gamertag Generator will spark some completely new ideas for your new Xbox Gamer Tag or also to use as within multiplayer Games. All you have to do is click the refresh button and boom you have your Gamer Tag suggestions. And if you have any extra brilliant ideas of Gamer Tag and want to suggest it to help people having the same problem as you? No problem, just click on suggest and type it in. The Gamertag Generator is a really good place which can provide you with a Gamer Tag that would totally fit you but however you always have the community to go back to for some great ideas as well.  If this is your first time using Xbox or Microsoft products then this Gamertag Generator is the perfect place for you to get help in picking your own and unique Xbox Live Gamer Tag.

When you are choosing a gamertag think twice as it will need another 10$ or 800 Microsoft Points to change your name in microsoft xbox game network. There are certain rules setting a gamertag. There are only 15 Char limit on Gamertag & your gamertag must start from a letter. 

It also came in news that microsoft is making nearly million dollar from recycled gamertags everyear. Also you can check recycled gamertags on their site and can buy. Also Microsoft announced that users have to login xbox live alteast once in a five year to retain their gamertag or they will vanish. 

Looking for a Gamer Tag that is funny or pretty dope, but you’re stuck and can’t think of any name that is solid enough? Well your solution to this problem is this name generator that will surely help you get creative by giving you random adjectives, etc that you can add as a suffix or prefix. Well you don’t have to stop there, you can various different numbers, names and even random letters and words to make a completely unique name, just like your fingerprint. 

Well as a little help to start right here, here are a few examples of prefixes “Sgt., Overkiller, The, Xx, General, Sargent, Kickass, etc.” and a few examples of suffixes “Gamer, Guy, Killer, The Destroyer, etc. 

How to get a gamertag? 

Microsoft will create a gamertag automatically when you sign in to their app for the first time. However if you don’t like that you cant change it by navigating to Menu> Customize>Change Gamertag.